The Whatever Works Crafts Studios is a mother and daughter team who decided to share their unique brand of wackiness with the world in the form of arts and crafts. Cross Stitch designs, hand-sewn accessories, and “whatever works” is what you can expect from them!

They began putting things together in 2017, but the ideas started flowing several years earlier. After a lot of deliberating and thinking, they finally bit the bullet and started their own company!

Colette Forrister is the head cross stitcher, mother, and motivator of the company. She sets the pace of work, sometimes to her daughter’s chagrin! To her credit, however, she also supplies the drinks for after a hard day’s work… Colette is also the primary cheerleader of the team, the one most likely to strike up conversations about what they are doing with random strangers – a boon at a craft fair!

Shauna Forrister is the designer, seamstress, marketer, as well as the Jack of all trades – she looks after the digital presence of the company as well as all the print materials. Her day-time job is that of a Health and Safety Manager, with some marketing thrown in on the side (as well as anything else that can fall under “other duties assigned”), so she has gained lots of field experience with marketing. Much less likely to talk unless talked to, she is, however, always willing to drone on and on about her arts if anyone brings the subject up…

Together they fight crime! No, wait. That’s someone else. Together they come up with fun and creative ideas. You can find them sitting and working quietly (or sometimes not-so-quietly) when they aren’t busy with their day-time responsibilities.